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Let’s Celebrate Ramadan & Eid! (Muslim Festival of Fasting & Sweets) (Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, Book 4), Ajanta Chakraborty, Vivek Kumar (authors)

Children's picture book on Islamic holidays as celebrated in India, from a series about various religions in India and their cultural practices. Publisher's description.

Isis: UN study finds foreign fighters in Syria ‘lack basic understanding of Islam’

Article from the UK newspaper The Independent from August 2017; for reference only.

Ingrid Mattson

Extensive resources for learning about Islam compiled and/or created by prominent Muslim scholar Dr. Ingrid Mattson. Includes resources for Muslims wanting to improve knowledge of their faith, and for others interested in deepening their knowledge for teaching and learning purposes.

Harvard Pluralism Project

Comprehensive resources on major world religions and traditions from historical and contemporary perspectives, includes applications for discussing and teaching about religions, and case studies of religious topics of importance. Strong element of combatting intolerance and hatred by improving knowledge.

Duke University Collection of Resources on Islam and Muslim Studies

Academic resources and others including some youth resources from Duke University Islamic Studies Center.

World History For Us All online world history curriculum, with lessons on Islam and Muslim history in Eras 5-7

World History For Us All Era 5 pf the World History For Us All online curriculum features Islamic history, especially in the Panorama lesson in brief form, in Landscape 5.2 Islam and Afroeurasia and 5.3 Consolidation of the Trans-Hemispheric Network, and later eras, such as Landscape 6.7 The Long Reach of the Major Religions include lessons as relevant to pre-modern and modern history.

Women’s Rights and Marriage in Islam (lesson plan)

Women's Rights and Marriage in Islam: This lesson helps students contextualize the film's content about women's rights, including those pertaining to marriage and divorce. Students compare Islamic teachings and ideals with the practice of Muslims in various cultural and national settings. For use with: Video documentary FRONTLINE: MUSLIMS or as standalone lesson on the topic.

Winter, Jeanette. The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. illus. by author. Harcourt. 2005.

A beautifully and simply illustrated, true story of the woman who, with members of her community, saved books during the Iraq war. Kirkus Review.

Will the Real El Cid Please Stand Up?

Lesson plan and student reading on the myth and reality of the legendary character El Cid is part of the complete set of lessons for comprehension and enrichment written to accompany the Unity Productions Foundation documentary film Cities of Light, in addition to interactive online features, articles, slide shows, timelines and maps is found at The Lesson Plan Set is available for download in pdf format (individual lesson titles and the complete set on the site at

Wilkinson, Philip. Islam. DK Publisher, 2002.

A detailed guide to Islam as one of the series of DK Publisher books on world religions.

When the Moors Ruled Europe (documentary film)

British historian Bettany Hughes hosts the full length documentary, “When the Moors Ruled Europe.” Tour of sites and insightful conversations with Spanish scholars and important figures in Spanish society to gain insights into attitudes around the period of Muslim rule and the aftermath of the so-called Reconquista. Also to stream at

What is the Truth about American Muslims? Questions and Answers

This publication, produced by the Interfaith Alliance and Religious Freedom Project of the First Amendment Center, provides answers to frequently asked questions about religious freedom and American Muslims. The publication seeks to answer common questions about Islam and Muslims, in order to inform Americans about the vast majority of their fellow citizens who are Muslim. In doing so, it seeks to uphold our shared commitment to religious freedom and contribute to a climate of understanding and respect among Americans of all faiths and none. Download the pdf guide at

Muslim ‘female heroes’ bicycle across Iowa to inspire women around the world

Inspiring article about Muslim women athletes riding bicycles across Iowa.

 Shahrukh Husain. What Do We Know About Islam? New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1996.

From a set of books by various authors that introduce the major world religions in a simple, well-illustrated format. What Do We Know About Christianity; What Do We Know About Judaism; What Do We Know About Islam; What Do We Know About Hinduism; What Do We Know About Buddhism; and other titles on historical periods and cultures. New York: Peter Bedrick Books, various copyrights.