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16 Ways You Can Support American Muslims in 2016  

The only way we — Muslims and non-Muslims — are going to conquer misinformation and extremism, is by working together. We can build peace, but we must build it together. here are 16 simple ways to support your American Muslims in 2016.

1001 Inventions  (Organization)

1001 Inventions is an award-winning international science and cultural heritage organization that raises awareness of the creative golden age of Muslim civilization that stretched from Spain to China. From the 7th century onward, men and women of different faiths and cultures built on knowledge from ancient civilizations making breakthroughs that have left their mark on our world.

1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization

Rich resource for cross-over lessons on science, technology and culture

“Sunnism and Shiism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” Dr. Seyyid Hossein Nasr

An excellent lecture from one of the leading experts on Shi’i Islam, Dr. Sayyid Hossein Nasr explains the differences between the two branches of Islam and their contemporary forms. In the Biennial Willem Bijlefeld Lecture, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr explored the history of the relationship between Sunnism and Shi'ism, which goes back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Dr. Nasr discussed the manipulation for political interests of Sunni-Shi'ite differences by forces both internal and external to the Islamic world and reflected on the future of the relationship between Sunnism and Shi'ism and the impact it is likely to have within the Islamic world itself and in its relation to the West. The Willem A. Bijlefeld Lecture, named after the first director of the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, brings a distinguished scholar to campus for a public presentation on Islam or Christian-Muslim relations to promote interreligious understanding and mutual respect in the local, national and world communities. Seyyed Hossein Nasr is University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Nasr has lectured widely throughout the United States, Western Europe, most of the Islamic world, India, Australia and Japan. Dr. Nasr is the author of more than fifty books and more than 500 articles.

“Mon Coeur Saigne Pour Paris”: An American Muslim’s Disgust 

The author shares that he was horrified by the Paris attacks and also the Beirut attacks; he reflects on his feelings.

“Books about Muslims for Students,” by Rukhsana Khan

(Reproduced by permission of the author from Rukhsana Khan is the author of seven books for children and young adults. Her complete book list can be found on the Web version of this article.)

“Tessellations and Islamic Art,” presentations by Steve Rasmussen using the Geometer’s Sketchpad software

Steven Rasmussen. "Tessellations & Islamic Art." This workshop investigates what types of polygons can be used to tessellate the plane and how Islamic artists have approached their craft. Download the workshop materials: Download: Workshop Sketch Download: Mosque Tiling Investigation Download: Tessellation Activity Worksheets Download: Symmetry Group Flowchart Download: Annotated Bibliography

“Sharing Our Roots” lesson plan

This lesson fosters an appreciation of America’s ethnic and religious diversity. As students explore and share their own family roots, they learn about those of the teens in AMERICAN MUSLIM TEENS TALK. Students symbolically increase the diversity of their classroom when each student writes an imaginary letter to one youth in the video, welcoming them into their school. For use with video: American Muslim Teens Talk at

“Muslim Immigration to America” lesson plan

This lesson uses the vocabulary and concepts commonly applied to the study of the immigrant experience in America. It begins with a look at the religious prejudice faced by other immigrant groups in America (Irish Catholics in the 1850s) as a point of comparison to Muslims. Students then choose a Muslim immigrant group to research, create an imaginary immigrant, and as that immigrant introduce themselves in a monologue before the class. For use with video: American Muslim Teens Talk at

“Magic Squares” Interactive Grid – Exploring Material Culture and Sciences in Al-Andalus

Lesson plan, 25 student reading and interactive web page on the scientific, technological and cultural contributions of Islamic Spain is part of the complete set of lessons for comprehension and enrichment written to accompany the Unity Productions Foundation documentary film Cities of Light, in addition to interactive online features, articles, slide shows, timelines and maps is found at The Lesson Plan Set is available for download in pdf format (individual lesson titles and the complete set on the site at

“Learning about Stereotypes: How The Form and How to Fight Them” lesson plan

Students investigate the ways they commonly assign identities to people based solely on their appearance. Then after listening to students in AMERICAN MUSLIM TEENS TALK describe what it feels like to have other people stereotype you and your religion, students learn strategies for overcoming stereotypical thinking through the acquisition of information and the process of dialogue. For use with video: American Muslim Teens Talk at

“Islamic Law: Setting the Record Straight on Shari’ah,” Dr. Intisar Rabb

In this short interview/article about Islamic Law, Dr. Intisar Rabb is an American scholar of Islamic and American law at Harvard University, is interviewed and gives very clear answers that are easy to understand.

“Counsel for Youth: This is Not the Path to Paradise,” Statement by Islamic Jurist Bin Bayyah (primary source)

Statement by a prominent Mauritanian Muslim jurist explaining to youth why extremism, suicide bombing, and ISIS are illegitimate according to Islamic beliefs and practices. Abdallah bin Mahfudh ibn Bayyah is a Mauritanian professor of Islamic studies at the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is a specialist in all four traditional Sunni schoolsof Islamic law. Currently he is the President of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies.

Tahera Rahman, the reporter who acheived her dreams

"She Made It" egment on the Today Show with Meghan Kelly, March 8, 2018, featuring on-air reporter Tahera Rahman, whose dream of becoming a television reporter was complicated by her choice to wear the Islamic head covering known as hijab.